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Transformational initiatives have become mandatory in today’s competitive environment.   Our clients utilize us as hands-on staff to implement growth and operating improvements.  Examples of client drivers behind their progress and our assistance include:

Consolidating Operations

Numerous initiatives require Department, Division and SBU consolidations.  Prudent management of the staff impacted by these initiatives is essential to successfully transferring knowledge, to minimizing impact on your customers and to achieving effective consolidation.

Technology Adoption

Whether it’s replacing legacy platforms with modern systems or using new tools to address new business needs, technology initiatives always have a major impact on activities and information flows. It is essential to align IT efforts with strategy and operations, to update processes and roles to make the best use of transformed technology, and to support employee performance before, during and after the implementation.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Turning two organizations into one requires not just technical integration but a sustained cross-functional change effort in order to manage cultural and organizational incompatibilities and alignment of roles and processes to support desired merger goals.  Making the fundamental changes stick is essential to short term and long term value propositions grounded in the merger.

Cost Transformation

Cost containment and reduction initiatives remain top priorities.  But many executives are now looking for sustainable cost transformations.  Instilling increased employee ownership and root level process changes increases ongoing alignment and helps build continuous cost improvement.

Regulatory Changes

Regulatory changes may require minor tweaks to existing practices, or they may demand massive transformations in how an organization does business and interacts with regulators and the market.  Timely employee acceptance and execution on the changes is critical to risk management and regulatory compliance.

New Market/Product Growth

Opportunities to open a new market or push significant growth of a product or service are accompanied by risk – does your business have the capabilities and capacity to take advantage of the opportunity when it arises? The right practices and talent determine the degree of success.

Generational Shifts in the Workforce

Millennials are now the largest generation and their presence in the workforce continues to increase as Boomers move into retirement. While there is naturally a tendency to focus primarily on differences between these groups it is important to understand the business environment, shared worker expectations and generational specific preferences.

Leadership Pipeline

Training better managers and leaders creates an engaging work environment and supports both current performance and future success. But only 31% of companies feel their leadership pipeline is ready to meet future managerial needs.   Are you adequately balancing meeting today’s customer demands while simultaneously building future leaders?

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