Transformational Management Expertise

change managementA major global pharmaceutical organization engaged Pinnacle to drive the change management aspects of an ERP system implementation.  Pinnacle increased user commitment and leadership and helped the company overcome cross-cultural and commitment challenges for users in nine different countries.

Change Management

Change is a constant in modern life. Technology is continuously changing; so are ideas and attitudes, and the relationships between people and organizations. In business, the behaviors and practices that were good enough to make a company successful a few years ago just don’t measure up to current needs. An organization needs to change to prosper.

But… most attempts by organizations to undertake significant change do not reach their goal—from 50% to 70% do not reach their goals, despite all the planning and investment.

Pinnacle services employ proven approaches at all levels of employee engagement and positions of authority.  Time-tested methodologies and tools applied throughout the change lifecycle ensure success and address key elements such as:

  • Create an appropriate cadence of targeted communications
  • Proactively manage sources of resistance and build consensus
  • Address cross-cultural considerations and create a shared change vision
  • Coordinate efforts among teams and ensure congruence of messages and behaviors
  • Support the flow of information employees need to make smart decisions
  • Help preserve and transfer the learning gained from the change effort

process peopleA progressive financial services firm hired Pinnacle to assess the impact of process changes resulting from facility consolidations.  New processes, roles & responsibilities and training programs were developed and implemented in conjunction with reengineering efforts across several SBUs and locations.

Process & People

A successful organization depends on getting the best work out of the right people. It’s not enough to recruit talent– you have to be able to use them effectively. A focus on process effectiveness and a strong alignment of people and processes can enable you to capitalize on their skills and knowledge to drive desired results.
Our Process and People services can help you:

  • Align processes, resources and business objectives
  • Maximize limited resources without sacrificing business results
  • Optimize processes to streamline workflows and reduce risk
  • Instill sustainable improvements to organizational culture
  • Support organizational transformation and renewal
  • Implement metrics that can drive desired behavior and results

employee productivity engagementIntegration of a series of acquisitions by a consumer goods conglomerate, lead to concerns over how to best manage an evolving, multi-disciplinary workforce.  New mobile work policies and cultural changes were also being implemented.  Pinnacle designed programs to gather and measure the impact of the changes and the level of staff engagement.  We facilitated workshops,  town halls and other tactics to materially increase knowledge transfer and employee commitment.

Employee Productivity & Engagement

When workers care about the outcome of their efforts, they’re proud, happy, and excited to succeed. The impact of engagement reverberates throughout the company – all the way to the bottom line.  Trust & commitment are essential for high individual & organizational performance. Learning develops employees, improves productivity, and aligns culture, which supports retention and performance.

Pinnacle’s Best Practices and methodologies enhance productivity and boost engagement:

  • Identify organizational strengths and shortcomings with employee engagement
  • Align roles and responsibilities with changes emanating from new initiatives
  • Increase your effectiveness of varying preferences and core competencies across demographic diversity
  • Incorporate remote work into the organization mainstream and improve abilities to lead remote staff effectively
  • Create career pathways and strong development prospects

Additional services focus on enabling clients to manage the challenges of a 24/7 work environment:

  • Manage cross-cultural interactions
  • Build collaborative teams
  • Create an environment that supports the generational specific expectations and preferences of the changing workforce

leadership accelerationSenior Leadership at a global manufacturer wanted to increase the depth and breadth of leadership talent throughout the company.  Pinnacle reviewed current approaches and programs in place and helped drive implementation of improved leadership development programs, pipeline building practices and multi-tiered coaching plans.

Leadership Acceleration

Effective leadership is an integral part of organizational success.  In fact, recent studies show that over 90% of CEOs see leadership development as the single most important human-capital issue they face.  But, leadership development can cover an extraordinary range of behaviors and issues, so how do you prioritize need to have vs. nice to have elements?

Our extensive experience and research identified the most critical leadership attributes needed for leadership effectiveness.   We translated this knowledge into contextual-specific services that improve your ability to build more effective leaders, and to develop them faster.

Our Leadership Acceleration services help you:

  • Benchmark your approaches, direction and initiatives against proven standards utilized to focus development on behavioral priorities
  • Implement leadership pipeline programs that segment competencies and attributes to different staff levels
  • Align your Learning & Development strategies with organizational direction and priorities
  • Accelerate leadership development through specialized Bootcamps – high intensity, content & context specific programs to targeted staff levels
  • Achieve M&A synergies through pointed efforts aimed at ensuring sustainable commitment to key leaders and change champions
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